Sport Complex


Sport Complex

Project details

  • Product used: URSA XPS
  • Application:
  • Building type: Sports Facilities
  • Architect: Buromoscow

Muscovites can now ski any day of the year, either on freezing February day or on the warmest July afternoon. That is so thanks to the sports centre, the largest indoor ski slope in Europe, with more than 400 m long, 60 m high and with a gradient of 65 m.

The 24,000 square metre resort could comfortably fit 4 football pitches. The sports complex includes a chairlift, a surface lift, an ice-ring to skate or play hockey, a fitness centre, a 4,000 square metre health and wellness area and a kids club which allows parents to relax while practicing a variety of sports. Enough appeal to attract more than 400,000 visitors a year.

Temperature is kept constant at -4ºC/-5ºC 365 days a year. Therefore, proper insulation is essential, helping to reduce thermal fluctuations with the outside while contributing to maintaining a stable temperature indoors. Both the architect, from the office LLC Snegny Gorod, and the construction company of this mega-project, Spetsstroytrest-36, coincided in choosing URSA XPS as the best insulation for this stateof- the-art complex.

URSA XPS, manufactured with extruded polystyrene, is a high quality insulating material with one of the lowest thermal conductivity on the market. These boards’ high resistance, rigidity and durability are among their many advantages, guaranteeing their top performance throughout the whole life of the building where they are installed. A clear example of its durability is that, in addition to building envelopes, basements or interior walls, it is also used in roads and even in airport runways.

moisture, direct contact with the ground, support of a large load – the choice of URA XPS has proven the perfect solution for the Sports Centre’s insulating needs.

Sport Complex

Location: Moscow (Russia)

Temperature is kept constant all year round; therefore, proper insulation is essential, helping to reduce thermal fluctuations with the outside while maintaining a stable temperature indoors.

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