RheinauArtOffice – Cologne


RheinauArtOffice – Cologne

Project details

  • Product used: URSA XPS
  • Application: Flat roof
  • Building type: Offices
  • Architect: Rainer Freigeber and Stephan Schutt

Built in 2008, the RheinauArtOffice has become one of the most modern office buildings in Germany. This unique building houses Microsoft’s headquarters in the country that chose the RheinauArtOffice for its open nature and its potential for expansion. It currently holds 300 workers from the American computer company and twelve associated enterprises.

Located next to Cologne harbour on the Rhine, the offices are perfectly communicated with the city centre, the motorway, railway station and the airport.

The architects Rainer Freigeber and Stephan Schutt worked with an innovative architectural concept in which openness and free-flowing spaces were a priority. But they were also responsible for the choice of high quality materials, providing this office space with the most sustainable and energy efficient systems and solutions.

They chose geothermal energy for building air conditioning, doubleglazed windows with external solar protection and URSA materials for the insulation. In particular, URSA XPS D N-III-L was installed, an extruded polystyrene panel with a smooth surface, which is used to insulate roofs as it allows workloads to be placed directly on the insulation surface without damaging it.

Insulation systems with this type of panels form a continuous layer without the presence of thermal bridges and, therefore, without the risk of condensation formation. In addition, the XPS’s low water absorption factor and resistance to freezethaw cycles (an important factor to consider in a country with a climate like Germany) guarantee durability of the insulation. The promoters of this ambitious project also selected URSA FDP 2/Vs, a glass mineral wool panel coated on one of its sides by a black glass mesh that acts as a water repellent, making it an ideal insulation for ventilated façades.

RheinauArtOffice – Cologne

Location: Cologne (Germany)

Microsoft’s headquarters in Germany are an innovative architectural concept where openness and free-flowing spaces are a priority, and where the most energy efficient systems have been implemented.

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