Piscine Les Ménuires


Piscine Les Ménuires

Project details

  • Product used: URSA XPS
  • Application:
  • Building type: Sports Facilities
  • Architect:

Les Ménuires is a ski resort located between Saint Martin de Belleville and Val Thorens, in the centre of the region of Savoie (France). 48 restaurants, 39 ski lifts and 62 slopes of different heights and levels shape this sports complex that hosted the alpine skiing tests in the Winter Olympic Games and is one of the largest skiable areas in the world.

But this station also provides the opportunity to enjoy many other leisure and sports activities, such as La Piscine Les Ménuires, in its very heart. Its name does not reveal the scale of these luxurious facilities, equipped with an indoor swimming pool, relaxation pools, saunas, showers, Turkish baths, etc. The centre offers the possibility to practice various aquatic activities such as swimming, aquagym, aquatonic, etc.

The modern complex of Les Ménuires, designed by JP Chiantello, is insulated with URSA XPS, a high quality insulating material manufactured with extruded polystyrene, one of the materials with the lowest thermal conductivity in the market. It is ideal for this type of facilities, offering a myriad of applications, both for the actual construction phase, and for its application in damp areas such as swimming pools and spas.

Extruded polystyrene provides thermal insulation and is waterproof, lightweight and easy to install, allowing for the integral design of damp areas by means of modular systems. These boards enjoy high resistance to compression, rigidity and durability, guaranteeing optimal performance and maintaining their characteristics during their entire lifetime, even in conditions with high levels of humidity, condensation or under great loads.

URSA XPS remains unaltered and maintains its insulating properties over time. It is an inexpensive material, respectful with the environment (its installation can help decrease building CO2 emissions by 30%), easy to use and install.

Piscine Les Ménuires

Location: Les Ménuires (France)

The aquatic luxurious facilities have been insulated with extruded polystyrene that is waterproof, lightweight and easy to install, allowing for the integral design of damp areas.

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