Park Mansion Reclam


Park Mansion Reclam

Project details

  • Product used: URSA PUREONE
  • Application: Internal walls
  • Building type: Multi-Family Homes
  • Architect: Architekturbüro Augustin and Imkamp
Also in the city of Leipzig, in the district known as “Musikviertel”, this 19th century building was home to the acclaimed German publishing house Reclam, well-known for its affordable books with the coloured spines, which made up its world-famous “Universal Library”. Built following the wishes of Anton Philip Reclam, the building became the headquarters of the first publisher to introduce book vending machines in Germany. However, its history is full of ups and downs. On the 4th December 1943, 450 tonnes of books were destroyed during an allied bombing raid in the Second World War. Reclam Mansion underwent many vicissitudes during the 20th century. It was confiscated in the war’s aftermath and nationalised by the communist regime of Eastern Germany until German reunification and, finally, abandoned in 2006. Nowadays, this historic neighbourhood is full of impressive newly-constructed multifamily housing. It has become one of the most sought-after residential areas in Leipzig. These buildings sit side-by-side with historic monuments and national heritage buildings. URSA PUREONE 40 PN was selected for one of them. An insulating mineral wool with no coating, indicated for thermal and acoustic insulation of interior partition walls, wood panels and ceilings. This material, which comes in slabs, is recommended when pursuing maximum interior quality. Park Mansion Reclam

Location: Leipzig (Germany)

The building, home to the acclaimed German publishing house Reclam, had been abandoned in 2006.

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