National Velodrome St Quentin


National Velodrome St Quentin

Project details

  • Product used: URSA GEO
  • Application: External walls
  • Building type: Sports Facilities
  • Architect: Chabanne & Partenaires

In December 2013 it hosted its first rides, although its official opening was planned for the 2012 Olympics, which Paris aspired to organise and that finally took place in London.

Located in the city of Yvelines, the fact that the French capital was not chosen to host the Olympic Games did not prevent the sports building project to be carried out. It is the new headquarters of the French Cycling Federation and also has a second arena, suitable for the BMX discipline. This track, covered and lit, is the biggest in Europe and has two ramps, 4 and 8 meters high.

The facilities, built on a 15 hectare plot, are complete with landscaped gardens, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and residences for students and athletes.

Close to 74 million euros were invested in the project, constructed by the consortium Sodearif-Bouygues Bâtiment, Ile-de-France-Meridiam, Exprimm Infratructure, who counted on URSA Façade to insulate all the envelopes of this sports facility.

URSA Façade is a semi-rigid mineral wool panel, covered by a veil of reinforced glass with a high capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation.

National Velodrome St Quentin

Location: Yvelines (France)

The constructors of this project counted on URSA Façade to insulate all the envelopes of this sports facility, the largest velodrome in Europe.

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