Multi-Family Building in Leipzig


Multi-Family Building in Leipzig

Project details

  • Product used: URSA PUREONE
  • Application: External walls, Pitched roof
  • Building type: Multi-Family Homes
  • Architect: Nora Seibt
The main aim of the 2010 restoration of this historical building was to maintain the spirit with which it was constructed. Nearly a century earlier, in 1905, this multifamily building was erected in the German city of Leipzig, the same year that construction works for the new City Hall were started, on the foundations of the old castle of Pleißenburg. This Saxon city, cradle of a great musical tradition, has managed to combine the growth of a modern city with the conservation of its historical buildings, located in the city centre, surrounded by winding lanes. The whole building and, of course, its façade enjoy historic monument status. Consequently, the restoration could not alter the idiosyncrasy or construction elements of the building envelope. Looking to overcome this challenge and provide the multifamily house with the comfort and energy efficiency pursued by its owners, the four storeys and attic were insulated using the URSA CLICK system. This system has in fact been specially designed and tested for the internal insulation of exterior walls, in those cases where work from the outside is not viable. As well as other components, the URSA CLICK system is made with URSA PUREONE mineral wool, one of our company’s most efficient and sustainable materials. URSA PUREONE is manufactured using a water-borne technology that only releases vapour, making it fully recyclable at the end its life-cycle. Its excellent thermal and acoustic insulating performance, along with the great energy savings it helps to achieve, made it the perfect choice for Nora Seibt, architect in charge of the restoration work. In addition, this mineral wool was also used to insulate the building’s roof, where URSA PUREONE 35 RN Spannfilz was specified. This non-laminated mineral wool felt blanket is the ideal product to insulate gable roofs and timber frame structures. Multi-Family Building in Leipzig

Location: Leipzig (Germany)

The restoration of this historical building aimed at maintaining the spirit with which it was constructed in 1905.

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