Clover House Rostov


Clover House Rostov

Project details

  • Product used: URSA GEO
  • Application: External walls
  • Building type: Shopping Centres
  • Architect: ADP Group and Chapman Taylor

Clover House – a highly energy efficient, 7 floor office building above a commercial gallery – is the first multipurpose shopping centre in Rostov-on-Don. Since May 2010, the over 1 million inhabitants of this city crossed by the river Don can enjoy a large commercial space devoted to top brands of furniture, lighting, interior decoration, bedding and accessories.

This intelligent building occupies more than 24 thousand square metres, of which 10,000 form the shopping centre. All offices are equipped with thermal and acoustic insulation and fire protection. In addition, it incorporates the most modern facility control technologies (air conditioning, lighting, Internet).

The ambitious project, implemented by Group ADP and Champman Taylor, has leased its offices to companies such as Bayer, Volvo, Siemens or Microsoft. In addition to wide recognition among residents, the building has won major awards for its energy efficiency. In 2008, Clover House was awarded the 2nd place in the nomination “multifunctional complex” of the Federal annual award in the sphere of real estate - Commercial Real Estate Federal Awards 2008.

The team of architects from LLC Sevkavnipiagroprom, LLC MK-S and the construction company LLC Mir chose URSA GEO P30 for the building’s insulation. This high performance material provides optimum insulation, both thermal and acoustic, in triple-layered walls and buildings façades, whatever their height.

Manufactured with GEO Eco-technology, URSA GEO helps maintain indoor air-quality in the spaces where it is installed. The high quality, cost-effective GEO range of materials is manufactured with the most advanced technology and offers a high level of thermal insulation, along with excellent sound insulation properties. Moreover, due to the inorganic nature of its raw materials – mainly sand –, it shows an extraordinary reaction to fire.

Clover House Rostov

Location: Rostov On Don (Russia)

This intelligent, 7 storeys office building located above a vast commercial gallery has won major awards for its energy efficiency.

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